Burial options at Memorial Park Cemetery in Topeka, KS


At Memorial Park Cemetery, you will find many choices for all your burial needs.

Whether you are interested in a space in one of our beautiful memorial gardens, mausoleum entombment, or the benefits provided by our lawn crypts, we will help you select a point of remembrance that you can be proud of and that your loved ones can visit for years to come.

Memorial Park Cemetery burial options in Topeka.

Memorial Gardens

Spaces are available in one of our many traditional burial gardens. Beautifully maintained throughout the year, the gardens provide a peaceful setting to visit and remember your loved one.

Each garden has its own unique features, including flowering trees, views of the reflection pond, tree sculputures, and many more. We have invested over $1 million in care funds for the cemetery. These funds are held in irrevocable trusts, ensuring the future beauty of the cemetery, and giving you peace of mind.

In order to maintain the cemetery in a manner in which everyone can be proud, we have established guidelines for decorating graves. Download them here. We can help you order flowers to remember your loved ones year-round. Ordering is easy and our staff will place your flowers. Click here to get started.

Markers & Monuments

A marker or monument is a lasting tribute to your loved one which will stand the test of time and serves as a point of remembrance for future generations of your family to gather.

We work directly with a quarry and oversee every step of the design and manufacturing of your marker or monument, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Lawn Crypts

A lawn crypt is a type of ground burial that uses a vault already placed in the ground. The purchase of a vault is not necessary when you choose lawn crypt burial, making a lawn crypt an economical alternative.

Our lawn crypts are located in the beautiful Garden of Serenity on the slope west of the Reflection Pond.

A lawn crypt also includes a personalized bronze marker on a granite base with a bronze flower vase.


A mausoleum is a building which provides above-ground burial. Families choose mausoleum entombment for many reasons, and we can help you decide if it is the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Our community mausoleum includes spaces for entombment in the inside and outside-facing walls.

The Mausoleum itself has many beautiful features, including stained-glass windows and stonework depicting the Good Shepherd and Resurrection. It is fronted with beautifully polished Carnelian granite, and bronze plaques distinguish each space.

You may also choose a private family mausoleum in the heart of the cemetery.