Community Events at Memorial Park Cemetery in Topeka, KS


Even though our cemetery is a place to put our loved ones to rest, it is really designed for the living.

We hold several special events including our Memorial Day activities and a fall Concert in the Park. All of these provide families a time to gather, reflect and remember.

Memorial Park Cemetery Events in Topeka

Memorial Day

Each Memorial Day, our cemetery provides a place for the community to gather and remember our heroes in the military and civil services. The grave of each veteran is decorated with an American flag by Topeka ROTC members.

The Serve & Protect Garden, located at the northwest corner of the cemetery, is the location of our annual Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony. During the ceremony a guest speaker will make remarks and dedicate a memorial wreath to our military and civil service men and women.

Concert in the Park

The Concert in the Park is a free, annual event established in 2009, featuring the Kings of Swing. The 15-piece Topeka band specializes in swing music of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. The band plays in the natural amphitheater created by the open space northeast of the Reflection Pond.

The concert is a great opportunity for individuals and families to listen to some fine music in a beautiful, park-like atmosphere. In 2011, we introduced a dance-floor for audience members to showcase their swing-dancing skills.

We hope to see you this year for another round of great music!

Holiday Remembrance Ceremony

The holidays are a difficult time for those who have lost someone dear to them. We invite you and your family to join us for our Holiday Remembrance Ceremony.

Sunday, December 9 at 4 p.m.
Inside the Mount Hope Funeral Chapel
4700 SW 17th street
Topeka, KS

We would like to include a photo of your loved one in our Memorial Video Tribute that wil play at the service. Photos may be sent to or delivered in person by December 3.

We hope you will join us.