Cremation Options

Cremation Options

When you choose cremation, there are many options for honoring your loved one. Selecting a permanent resting place in our cemetery provides future generations of your family a place to gather and remember your loved one.

We are pleased to welcome you to our new Cremation Garden (pictured here) in the heart of the cemetery, which offers many new and unique types of memorials. Below you will find information about additional cremation options. Please call us at 785-234-6605 for more information or if you have any questions.

Serenity Columbarium

Prices starting at $2,600

The Serenity Columbarium is located in the southwest corner of the cemetery overlooking the Reflection Pond. The structure, featuring a stained glass cross and high-polished granite is a beautiful choice for a permanent resting place.

Octagon Columbarium

Prices starting at $3,400

The Octagon Columbarium, located adjacent to the Mausoleum contains niches for the placement of one or two urns. Sidewalks provide convenient access to the columbarium. Each niche space includes a bronze plaque and flower vase.

Wall of Memories

Prices starting at $1,910

Echoing the architecture of one of our nation’s most honored memorials; the Wall of Memories is surrounded by beautiful memorial gardens and provides a serene place for reflection and remembrance.

Veterans Columbarium

Prices starting at $1,850

The Veterans Columbarium holds niches for the placement of urns. It is located within the Serve & Protect Garden and is approached by the Walk of Honor, which is a memorial honoring the cherished guardians of our nation.

Resurrection Mausoleum

Prices starting at $3,400

The south-facing sides of the Mausoleum offer two beautiful columbariums with niches for the placement of urns. Each niche space includes a bronze plaque and flower vase.

Urn Burial

Prices starting at $1,250

Many people do not realize that when they choose cremation, they can still select a ground burial space in a memorial garden. This provides flexibility for the use of a space in a pre-existing family plot, or to select a space from any of our beautiful gardens.

You may choose a traditional garden marker for placement on a burial space, or a special cremation memorial which holds the cremated remains in a bronze receptacle.